Closed loop and Open Loop

Event or organizer exclusive payment devices, highly customizable system setup

Technical Parameters

Each transaction is stored on the cards, the terminals and the server in order to prevent data loss

Wide range of payment devices (wristbands, RFID cards, bracelets, watches, dog tags)

A transaction takes only 2 seconds

Semi-online operation guarantees 100% uptime regardless of network state

General Attributes

Increased revenues and reduced lines due to faster transactions

Visitors tend to spend more by 15-30%

Transparent payment environment provides additional revenues to the organizer

Highly secure payment devices, post and pre controlled data environment


Manage all entrances

Streamline the entrance flow to specific areas

Eliminate ticket fraud

Staff management

Guarantee a smooth entrance flow

Get real-time insight into the exact number of attendees on site


Ticket and product management

Online and physical sales

Professional ticket accreditation

Marketing, content management

Item (wristband) inventory management


Key numbers

340 000 sales transactions  – 1 200 000 ticket sold

380 000 IDs scanned – 700 000 wristbands exchanged

11 000 professional accreditations – 1 500 000 access control checks


Save time on selling and get instant stock reports

Promote your products on client-side display

Collect your order via touch screen in no time

Easily avoid mistakes when place an order showing real time data to the costumer

Upload your personalized items and edit them on the fly


Help with the management of other Festipay services

Transparent purchases

Notifications about the usage of your card

Quick and easy registration process and login even with your Facebook account

Bankcard top up via the application and refund option

Personalized transactions


Brands need to be wise about how they address their customer needs and make themselves visible in event environment.

Brand activation are a perfect way for brands to become a memorable part of a festival.

Festival attendees are highly engaged.

We offer unique and valuable solutions to connect brand and audience.